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                  The Roboduino is finally on sale!!!

Its $40 for a kit and $55 for an assembled version

More info and sales information here: http://curiousinventor.com/kits/roboduino

Features / Specs:
   * 100% Compatible with Arduino software.
   * Power buses along side pwm and analog pins easily accept standard servo and sensor connectors.
   * Powered can be supplied from USB, barrel plug or 3-pin male header. You'll need a suitable power supply when driving multiple servos.
   * dedicated UART 3-pin male header
   * 6 PWM outputs with neighboring unregulated power pins
   * 6 analog pins
   * 14 digital pins
   * Reverse polarity protection for board circuitry (not for unregulated power pins)
   * Optional I2C pull-up resistor locations

If anyone has any questions or comments put them here, I'll be coming back to check .


Nice one.

Any thought to integrating an H-bridge onto the board to drive motors/steppers?


The male headers are very useful when using servo's, but for the other headers it looks to me if it would have been safer if you used female headers (as Arduino has).

Why did you choose for all male headers?


I chose male headers because all of my servos and sensors ( like the Sharp IR and PING) have female connectors. With all male headers I could plug in all my servos and sensors without any hassle - no extra boards like I would need on the Arduino. :P

Yea , Version 2 might include H bridges


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Happy Holidays everybody!

We're having a special holiday sale on the Roboduinos. 5% off on your order!
Just use this promo code : robotsrule3231
Limit one promo code per customer

Buy the Roboduino here:



Wow, nice one. Really looks like a good Arduino clone, and I like these 'more specific needs' Arduinos (as in this one is designed for robotics, another for something else, etc.).

I might just have to get me one of those  ;)

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