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I'm trying to capture the video signal produced using my Arduino UNO and TvOut library.
I've built the connector using a 560 Ohm resistor instead of the suggested 470 one, as no local electronics store could sell me any..!

Anyway, it works great with all my PAL TV's (I'm from Italy) and I'm happy with the results.

Now, since for the next months I'll be moving back to my job in Tallinn, and there I don't have a TV, I bought a Composite video-to-USB dongle which would just replace my TV.
It's called EasyCAP DC60 and most likely it's just a chinese fake of the real product (this is my guess after reading online).
Anyway, the dongle works great as well, being capable to capture any video signal from all the devices I have. All of them, except one: the Arduino running the TvOut library.

So basically, I know that both my Arduino circuit and the dongle work, but for some reason they dont work together.

I've tried already to place a 75 ohm resistor between the VID and GND line, with no improvements.
Video capture software correctly detects the device and video stream, which is just pitch black when arduino is connected, and normally working when i connect anything else.

Please, point me somewhere because it has been a long day, and I spent it all trying to figure out this major annoyance.

all the best!

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