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I have bought this SD card module from sparkfun:


Now I need to connect it to my Arduino Uno, and the only circuit I can find is this one:


My question is:

Is this the best way to do it.

in the playground there is some talk about SPI, but no wiring diagram.

I would like to be able to use the SD card like this


It seems to be so simple that I can handle it  :D

Thanks in advance


Yep, using the SD socket breakout board and resistor voltage dividers should allow you to talk to the SD card using the SDFat library.

If you have an old dead device (camera, printer, etc) with an SD socket you can pop it off the circuit board and just wire directly to the socket instead of buying the socket on a breakout board.  The easy way to get the socket off a board is to heat the other side of the board with a torch.  When the solder melts, whacking the board on a hard surface should cause the socket to pop right off.

If you get a Micro-SD card with an SD adapter you can solder wires to the adapter pins an use it as a Micro-SD socket.
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Thankyou johnwasser

I will try and hook it up with the voltage divider.

I first realized how simple it was when I got the board, I would have thought that you needed some more of these black boxes to make an interface

I like the idea of whacking things.

Edit 4.aug.2011

It worked first time   :D :D


If you get a Micro-SD card with an SD adapter you can solder wires to the adapter pins an use it as a Micro-SD socket.

Now that's a very clever idea. Never thought of that.


Ya that works great, the pins on a card adapter also just barely line up with a .1" pin header, so you could also mate it with a click lock shroud, or directly to a male header strip and have it breadboardable.

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