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FYI, I'm trying to persuade the powers that be to trim down the bootloader by 1000 bytes or more before distributing these in large quantities with bootloaders pre-installed.  

Reclaiming 1000 to 1500 bytes and having a consistent flash size available for this chip would be a good thing IMHO.


Is it the same form factor as the 168?
On the picture it seems larger?


Same form factor, I have one running on my Arduino serial clone board using IDE version 11 for a couple of months now.



Did you just burn the boot loader, without mods?
and work fine or did you have to do special stuff to make it work?
Thank for the feedback


I got it here and it has a bootloader already in it, and they have a download of a modified version 11 IDE.




Does that means that if i bought some from mouser and if i use arduino 12 bootloader and try to burn it, it won't work?


"Does that means that if i bought some from mouser and if i use arduino 12 bootloader and try to burn it, it won't work?"

I believe that is a true statement. Takes modification of the IDE to utilize the larger memories of the 328. Version 13 is suppose to include 328 support built in. Not sure of the bootloader differences, you will have to get some of the software wizards around here to 'splain all the gory details. In the meantime the Fundemental offering works fine if you don't mind using version 11 IDE for a few more days.



Lady Ada has mega328s with pre-programmed bootloader, as well as code and explanations for the bootloader modifications needed.


Arduino 0012 only has booloaders for the ATmega8 and 186.  Those will not work with the 328.

In addition, there are source code updates that must be made to some core and libary source to support the 328.

LadyAda, Spiffie, and maybe others have hacked out 328 support for version 0012, and version 0013 I believe will include some 328 support.



I burned a modified bootloader using the ladyada USB tiny. Using information from the ladyada forums, spiffie.org and the gcc website I have an arduino-0012
installation working for the '328.

Documentation about the bootloader and the install process I used are in the
"Bootloader" and "Arduino Tools" application hints at http://tinyurl.com/5lnhtj

(* jcl *)


So right now, I know there are multiple efforts to make bootloaders and board configuration files for the IDE.  I'm more interested in knowing differences other than TOPMEM.  Is the bootloader getting bigger or smaller?


"Is the bootloader getting bigger or smaller?"

It hadn't occured to me that it could get bigger [checking datasheet...], looks like the bootloader can take up to 4096 bytes on the 328, yeesh.

I haven't heard anything in a while about making a smaller one.  I haven't worked on converting the pboot uploader loader to java due to other priorities, and since the "gate" for 0013 was missed.

Here's the one I've been playing with, but it is a fairly large deviation from the development norms, but it is 512 bytes:

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