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Points one and two are correct.

For point three you need to get the bootloader on the ATmega328. I use the
ladyada USB-Tiny and a Makefile

It is not much work to get Arduino-0012 to use the ATmega328.

(* jcl *)


Well to put a clearer picture on it, the 328 has been avalible with a proper Arduino bootloader preinstalled and a patched Arduino Version 11 IDE avalible for downloading. I've been running the 328 for a couple of months now.




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Sparkfun and Adafruit are selling mega328s WITH a modified bootloader on them already.  The mega328s first appeared back in Early November, and promptly sold out, to become available AGAIN in January...

(actually, it looks like the Sparkfun 328 is "bare."  oops.)


I would buy some of these loose 328s, but I'm not much for early adoption.  Let someone else find the bootloader/ide bugs.  :)

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What is required to make it work with a different clock?
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