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Cheaper and "in stock" at mouser.  $2.59 @ 250...


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Not starting the GB, but count me in for 1...  8-)



Theoretically a correct boards.txt entry will solve that, but I don't think anyone has tested it yet.

I'm tempted, just because I need to populate a new board but I'm out of 16MHz crystals, but happen to have a 20MHz on hand.


Sounds like I just need to try.  My project/program that I have would tell me very well as far as any baud rates go.  As for timing of say millis, what would be a good test?


Make a program that blinks ON for ten seconds (10000 milliseconds), and OFF for ten seconds.  Check it versus your clock or wristwatch.


Not starting the GB, but count me in for 1...  

I'm playing the Canadian card.  It would cost me more to have the big box of them shipped here and it would cost me a lot more to ship them back out again.  Other than that, I would be willing to organize one.  With Canada Post, it will cost me more to ship to my neighbour down the street than it costs to ship from the US to that same neighbour.


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My posting was maybe a bit harsh, that is not what it was intended to be. Since I am not in the USA (I think most users are USA based), I think it is not economical to start it from where I am.

When necessary, I could be a distributor-point in Europe!


@Oracle: Mouser has them at sale for 3.89 CAD if you buy 100 or 3.35 if you buy 250. Plus they have free shipping on orders over 200 CAD

I'd be down for 10 at that price if we do a group buy. I don't know how many people we have in the Toronto area that are interested though.

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