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HI, I'm new to Arduino
Can anyone advice a really cheap and easy electric strike or lock please that'll work with Arduino analog output?


How about a something like:

Of course you'd need some additional components to control it with an Arduino (Mosfet or relay etc)


Following may be of use...


Cheap? Not very ($40)... but if you have a lock on the door, presumably you have something expensive behind it?

As for "no fail-safe way to get out"... you can fit the strikeplate with an ordinary lock,  and however you would get out past that lock is unaffected by the strikeplate... one of the advantages of taking that route.

Note that you need to be talking about a "tongue" type "bolt", which pushes back for closing/ locking the door. ("Yale lock".)A rectangular type "goes into a mortice" type bolt won't work.


The cheapest I have seen on ebay and other sites are around $30. I think they should be relatively easy to hook up to the arduino. I think you may want to use the digital ports and not the analog however because it should only be locked or open not in between. If you wanted analog a servo or motor connected to a deadbolt might suit you better.
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