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Hi !
WebServerSimpleLED runs on my side .... whis some greater buffer
utility/socket.c    : #define BUFFER_SIZE         650

Very nice! Thanks for testing - wait for new versions of the library. ;-)
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Very Very Nice Library ! ! !

Now the code it is clear and you can print only the code you need :-)

Well Done ! ! !

I would like to ask you for an example because i have stuck.

I want to put a text box in the web form to get time for example how much sec. the pin 4 stay on, so my question is how to the value ? the number it is not standard e.g. 10 Sec, 250 Sec ....

for to get the box it is the easy, but ...

client.println("<form METHOD=get action=\"\">");
Set time On<input type=\"text\" name=\"timehold\">");
client.println("<input type=hidden name=cmd value=4>");
client.println("<input type=submit value=\"Stay on\" ></form>


How can i read the values from timehold ?

Do i have any error on above code ?

Thank you in advance.


and that

client.println("<form Action = \"/\"  Method =\"GET\" >");
client.println("<p>Enter Time On:</p> ");
client.println("<input type =\"text\"  name =\"timetext\"  size = \"4\"  value =\"1\"> ");
client.println("<input type = \"submit\"  value =\"OK\" > ");

but i don't know how to hold the the timetext :-(



Code for that sort of thing is part of...


... and yes, it is code for the Ethernet controller chip you have, not the more widely used (and more expensive!) W5100

But... it uses a different library, I think. Details there, though.

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