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KiCAD and gEDA might help :)






I was looking at the datasheet for the Atmega645 and it shows 53 I/O general purpose I/O lines. It also shows 8 ADC pins.

Is there a reason only 42 I/O pins are being used? Of which only 6 as analog in, instead of 8?

Thanks and loving the work you are doing!


hi darudude... yeah, i only pinned out 42 to keep the form factor, and i didn't want to go up into the power bank, since i was thinking it might be confusing if i accidentally plugged something into a digital pin that should have been grounded, or vice versa (in case it shorted...). otherwise, for some funny reason i've never been able to personally run out of analog pins in any project i've ever done, so that's why 6 not 8...


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Thanks for your hard work on this, it's really cool :)

Have you looked at KiCAD and gEDA?

There's also Alliance and Ktechlab ( Ktechlab has some very interesting features, but I don't believe it has PCB functions )

All are FOSS :)


K that explains it. I didn't know the other pins share the power bus. I thought it was 53 I/O outside of the power bus.

Also how is the library updating coming along?
I was curious if you managed to get most of the common libraries working like SoftwareSerial, Wire LCD4bit and the basic gcc libraries.


I don't mean to thread crap, but I own an Illuminato that appears to have a few defects, that I am not getting any form of support on.

I have e-mailed Justin, Chris, & Mike and received no response. A thread relating to my troubles is here; http://www.arduino.cc/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1233017207

My purpose for posting here is in hopes of some sort of response from them.


hi carson, just saw this too... sorry about that... my emails inthebitz at gmail!


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sorry Carson, so many illuminatos! justin and i mixed up your question... communication breakdown ahhh!!! i wonder how companys typically handle more than 3 orders a day?

i responded to your e-mail yesterday, but feel free to shoot me another.

and i'm clicking notify of replies in case i can help with more questions.


@Severino you might want to pull that number before the search engines scrape it

Your cell will get spammed to death in 50 languages :(


I just noticed that Liquidware has the Illuminato board up for pre-order again. I missed out the first time, so I have already put my order in. I am not affiliated with them, just dropping a friendly note  :)


Check their blog/the What's New section for details of how the pricing works. Looks pretty interesting.


Replying to myself again...

These guys just keep at it. Now they have a bunch more projects available to pre-order at their Open Source Hardware Bank (http://www.oshwbank.org/)

I really like the Equalizer shield idea. Could be used for a neat clock.

Again, not affiliated with these guys. Just thought the hardware looked cool. I am anxiously awaiting my Illuminato order.


hey boerner... i spent so much time building those schematics and making 3d models, i forgot to actually write a blog about it... you beat me to the punch. :-) ok time to write it up i guess.

anyway, now you're not officially replying to yourself becuase i posted in between - ha



Liquidware seems to have brought PCB design to a new level. It looks like art the things you guys make.


Aye, very impressive stuff :)

Very nice drawings and schematics and awesome pictures too

Would love to see a howto :)

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