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Hello all.

I'm starting out with xbee's and haven't gotten past the configuration step as I'm not able to get either entered into command mode. I'm using both a script written by Tom Igoe and CoolTerm, but neither work.

In addition - the serial read out for one oscillates between 0 and 1, while the other is a fast and steady stream of 0s.

Any tips, tricks, or help would be amazing - thanks!


There are many variations of XBees - series 1 (point to point) and series 2/2.5 (mesh topology), normal and pro (higher power) versions, with several different antenna types, operating at at least two different frequencies, with several ways to connect them to the PC or Arduino.

You left a lot of information out of your post. Would you care to provide more details (and links)?
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Can you try to configure them using the X-CTU software (Windows only I'm affraid).

There isn't a lot of info out there about the XBee's configuration. I had a hell of a time configuring mine. If they are Series 1 XBees, and you plan to have a point to point communication, I can upload the config files for the ones I have.

Have you tried Ladyada's tutorial on XBees? Although not 100%, it is the best I found online.
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