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Awesome! Thanks for the info. I see that there are led strips available with HL1606 chips. Do you know if there is a huge difference between the HL1606 chips and the WS2801 that you use?


The HL1606 is a terrible chip, do not get it.  That was the first chip I purchased and you can't even tell it "make this color".

The lpd6803 chip is nice and gives you complete control but it only has 32 steps per color (32x32x32=32768 colors).  32000 color seems like plenty but when you fade up red and only get 32 steps, it sure is choppy.  The WS2801 chip has complete control and 256 steps.  This is perfect because one byte is 256 combinations - a perfect fit.  The chip is great because you tell the chip - go to this color (3 bytes) and it just stays like that until it gets another command.  This means no timing issues, etc.   These have been out for years but the controllers out there are pretty lame or are high end and costly.  You can run them with an arduino but you have to start using a pretty complicated multi-chip setup if you want to do much logic and run over a couple hundred LEDs.  That said, if you are looking at the arduino an a project with 100 to 200 LEDs and have the funds - there is no easier and more solid route.

Best of luck.

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