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the page you linked says: "This product will be in stock on Thursday 26 March, 2009."

oups sorry, did not seen!!


With the standard Arduinos, you can prototype a project, and when it's working you can you can ... make your project and still have your Arduino board for the next project.

You can still do that; it just means using a PCB and a 100pin QFP on your final project.  Yeah, if a Sanguino would have been enough you could have stuck with a DIP, but if 40pins wouldn't have been enough, you'd be stuck with some sorta SMT anyway.  Besides, PCBs aren't as hard to make (have made) as they used to be; I see all sorts of people in the forums spending "big bucks" to get PCBs made, and I cringe, but I think that this is because I am frugal and stingy rather than the people getting them made are are spending too much.


Nice, hope the bootloader and related code is released so we can use this on our own.


So how long till we get schematics and eagle layouts? How about shield scaffolding?


Anyone else pre-order one from NKC?  

I like the special "pre-order" price, I wonder what normal retail will be.



Does anboudy know the total current source capability of the Mega board ?

It's still 40mA absolute max from each pin but what is the total max for the board ? It looks like it's the same voltage regulator as on the previous boards, so my guess is that the limit is also the same.

With this many I/O pins people will start to drive lots of LED's directly from the board and then.......


From a quick look at the ATmega1280 datasheet, it appears to be the same as the 168/328.


Is it the 200mA stated in the absolute maximum ratings?


Has anyone heard that there will be support for this board in the Arduino IDE any time soon


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Has anyone heard that there will be support for this board in the Arduino IDE any time soon

The pre-order page @ nkcelectronics.com says:

"The Arduino MEGA can be programmed with the Arduino software. Support for the MEGA board will be available after the official announcement is made. "


Official announcement here:

Software (Arduino 015) here:


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The official date for launch was always the 26 of March. The distruibutors had been told to wait until this date because a new version of Arduino was needed.

A few days ago we started getting tech support requests from people who bought the board and didn't know what to do with it...

All the distruibutors that started selling before the agreed date,  did it because they wanted to make a cheap buck at the expenses of the people who respect agreements.

As far as my vote counts in the Arduino team I will oppose anticipating any new product/idea to those people


Will the bootloader work on a Mega128 also?  I've got a board here with a 128 not sure if they are the same just different capacities.


Reading the spec it says the new chip can support 8 external interrupts (not the pin change type, but the "real" type).  Is there support in the new software?


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