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My previous project, I used PHP and a home server to run the home automation, but seeing how my homeserver draws 200 watts, I cant leave it on 24/7, so that kill the automation idea on it.

I reorganized all my ideas and managed to run ALL of it on the Arduino with an ethernet shield instead!!
Actually... it's a seeeduino mega, which is an arduino mega 1024 clone. But you can probably do all of it on a Arduino 328.

I prototyped on a 168, and it ran out of memory and would glitch a lot. So it's better to go with something with more memory. Also, I originally planned on using all the pins on the Mega for inputs and relays, but adding X10 saved me a whole bunch of pins, so I'm barely using up the pins available on the 328 when I prototyped.

Anywho, without further ado... here's the video:

A basic description:
This is an App I created using Google App Inventor for Android, which communicates with an Arduino with ethernet shield.
The lights and AMP for speakers for outdoor is controlled by X10. The curtains uses an H-Bridge and a small motor from a small battery operated screw driver and pulley system. The HVAC is controlled using some Solid State Relays and a couple analog temperature sensors.


That's great, I can see some Android in my future :)

Rob Gray aka the GRAYnomad www.robgray.com


Very cool.  8) 8) 8)

I'd love to give it a try here at home, where i'm also planning on making the house a little more _intelligent_!

Would you share the arduino and android source?


Definitely :-) I'll share everything, from part list, to android / arduino sketch.

I'm writing it up now... will be posting it soon :-)


Excellent stuff!

I had no idea about the Google App Inventor. It's pretty cool!

If others had no idea like me, check it out:


Yeah, App Inventor is amazing! made it SO simple.

Using the App Inventor TinyWebDB, I was able to communicate with Arduino Ethernet shield using JSON request.
It was a little difficult to figure out at first, but once I got it to send values back and forth, it work well.

I'll post up the codes soon, promise!


Hi all,

Nice project

We are waiting for the code,

Thanks a lot


Yep--- Would still love to see the code.

Even if it is crappy, messy, hacked together, i'd still like to see it :)

Cheers from Denmark


Yeah. The source would be very nice, to help us get as far as you.


man,care to share code like promise?at least apk app! :)


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