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This is a response to a thread that I started here in 2010. You can see it here.


That was my first Arduino project and I just wanted to give an update on what it has grown into:

The "wall" now uses two arduinos to control up to 432 macetech megabrite LEDs modules (built into 36 light modular panels). It could be built out to 11.5 X 14 feet (4 X 3 configuration).

A processing script does the majority of the work and sends the pixel information to the arduinos at a rate of about 24 frames / second. It's blazingly fast.

You can see a demo of the wall with 6 of the panels running here:

I only have 8 panels (288 modules) built currently. The wall does generate a bit of cash as I'm able to rent it out for events around the city but I'm not sure if I'm going to build any more. It's quite tedious to setup and take down.

Here's the wall with 8 panels going:

Thanks for listening / looking / reading.

If anyone is interested in seeing code and maybe helping to add to the processing graphics libraries then get in touch with me. I have a publicly accessible SVN repo of all of my code.



Thats really neat and its nice to see that you are able to make some cash from it as well.

It must give you a kick to see your project being used at events

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