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What are the most common Arduino breadboard insertables, arduino compatibles that can be inserted into breadboards?

The ones I could think of were Boarduino from adafruit, both variants dc and usb, ardweeny from solarobotics, rbbb from modern devices.

Are there any other common ones in that sort of format?


Teensy from PJRC: http://www.pjrc.com/teensy/

Awesome little boards.  I've also got a FIO with headers attached, works great on a breadboard too.


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Teensy from PJRC:

Thanks for the info, but Im mainly talking about ones that have arduino compatible pin outs, 14 digital 6 analog

The fio is pretty cool, I hadn't had much exposure to it.

Anyone have a picture of the fio inserted in a breadboard, all the pictures I could find were only the board it self.


Hi, Take a look here:


And you'll see the Pro Mini and my favorite and easy-to-use the Nano.  Those also have links to the information at Arduino.

DISCLAIMER: These are in my own shop...

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Picoduino from themakerspace.com is great. Have used it in a bunch of projects. They also have a shield adaptor if you want to use standard shields.

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I do have a few tqfp-adapters with chip, capacitors and crystal on top. Two are insertable, but whether it is most common ?


I do have a few tqfp-adapters with chip, capacitors and crystal on top. Two are insertable, but whether it is most common ?

Yeah most common, was trying to figure out how many besides the boarduino, were being used by most people.

Looks like I have the pretty common list already.


Anyone have any common insertables that have been missed or not in the list?

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I don't own one but I believe these folks have a 328 board...


Femtoduino - http://www.varesano.net/projects/hardware/Femtoduino
Is life really that serious...??!

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