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I'm discovering ways to display stuff from my Arduino and the cabling for both the 2 line LCD or - even worse - the 4 digit 7 segment LED seem absolutely crazy, with the latter requiring 10 digital pins or more, plus a bunch of resistors along the way.

Is there no simple 3-cable way to do this (+5v / ground / data) with maybe a chip. If I'm using 10 pins just to display stuff I don't have much left to do anything else :)




Oh: I might have found exactly what I was looking for:



or if you want to go with the 7 segment display you can try the max7219/7221 both do the same thing only the 7221 suport a standard SPI interface and its better for reducing electromagnetic interference and its a bit more expensive 

anyway this is well documented on the arduino play ground http://www.arduino.cc/playground/Main/LEDMatrix also the max7219 is  very inexpensive if you buy them from ebay, if you do a lil searching youll find 5 max7219 for 1$ + 1$ shipping  (dip or smd)


Nothing simpler than Sparkfun's 4x7 segment display: http://www.sparkfun.com/products/9766



Nothing simpler than Sparkfun's 4x7 segment display: http://www.sparkfun.com/products/9766

Wow - is that not using the same processor as the Arduino? Talk about a lot of effort to display 4 digits!

But yes - it's simple enough :)

thanks - going to purchase a few Max


I2C and this article/library is a great choice for controlling a 16x2 LCD. Just two analog pins for the LCD! (I don't know if you can control more than one, though.)

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