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From the software page: http://arduino.cc/en/Main/Software

Changes include:

[documentation / examples]

* New communication examples (w/ corresponding Processing and Max/MSP code) by Tom Igoe.

[core / libraries]

* Adding support for the Arduino Pro and Pro Mini 3.3V / 8 MHz w/ ATmega328.

* Adding support for the LilyPad Arduino w/ ATmega328.

* Adding write(str) and write(buf, size) methods to Print, Serial, and the Ethernet library Client and Server classes.  This allows for more efficient (fewer packet) Ethernet communication.  (Thanks to mikalhart.)

* Improvements to the way the Ethernet library Client class connects and disconnects.  Should reduce or eliminate failed connections and long timeouts.  (Thanks to Bruce Luckcuck.)

* Optimizing the timer0 overflow interrupt handler (used for millis() and micros()).  Thanks to westfw and mikalhart.

* Fixing bug that limited the bit() macro to 15 bits.  Thanks to Paul Badger.

* Adding ARDUINO version constant (thanks to prodding from mikalhart).


* Ordering the items in the Tools > Board menu.

* Adding "Copy as HTML" command to the Tools menu.

* Eliminating (maybe) the occasional "Couldn't determine program size" errors.  Thanks to the Clever Monkey.

* Moving selection of Linux look-and-feel into the arduino script so it can be changed by users.  Thanks to Eberhard Fahle.


* Adding automatic dependency generation to the Makefile.  (Lars Immisch)



For an alternative to "Copy as HTML", you can try Pygments, it's a Python-library with a command line program rather easy to use.

(and I go back to reading "Foundations of Analog and Digital Electric Circuits"...)

Ron C

Exactly what is the "ARDUINO version constant" mentioned in the new features?


As I recall it's a feature to enable people to develop libraries that need to act differently depending on the Arduino version. e.g. they might need to work around a bug in a particular version, be optimised in a particular way or use a feature that is only in a particular version.



As a relative noobie....  what would be the proper way to go about upgrading my Arduino software in Mac OSX leopard?

I have arduino 15 in a folder in my documents area now...  should I overwrite that with the newer files?


Multiple versions of the IDE can co-exist happily on OS X as far as I can tell.

You could just drag the 0016 folder into the location you normally put your applications.


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