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Hi everyone

These are my first forays into embedded programming.
Is it possible to cross-compile the code and push it into an Arduino UNO/Mega without using the ide.
I know that it uses the avr-gcc cross-compiler, but how do i push the binaries/hex into the board.



but how do i push the binaries/hex into the board.

The included AVRDUDE is the tool used to upload a hex file to an attached board.



Example usage:

avrdude -p atmega328p -D -Uflash:w:"main.hex" -v -v -F -c avrisp -P /dev/ttyACM0

-p atmega328p Upload to an Arduino Uno, which comes with an ATmega328p
-D "Disable auto erase for flash memory" - Actually I have no idea why I am using that option...
-Uflash:w:"main.hex" Upload main.hex to flash memory
-v -v Very verbose output
-F ignore invalid signatures - This is because due to the Arduino bootloader, the signature avrdude is expecting isn't the right one
-c avrisp The type of the programmer - avrisp works for the Arduino
-P /dev/ttyACM0 Path to the programmer device. On Windows/Mac this will look different.



Suppose i have a custom board for an embedded application, using let's say LPC1768 or STM32F2 ARM cortex M3 series of processors.
How would i port binary.hex code onto it?
Which compilers would you recommend?



for the ARM there is an IDE that look similar to arduino ide and lets you program the ARM using a language close to the one used in arduino check here for more detaisl http://leaflabs.com/devices/maple/

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