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The linux release is a "binary" release, so it doesn't include much of the SVN directory.

Would you please consider uploading a full source tarball for the release as well, to help source-based distros fetch more easily when installing?

I could specify the SVN tag URL in the ebuild (and I'll have to otherwise), but that would unnecessarily add a subversion dependency to the package.

The linux2 version is an updated release in which the ATmega328p definition has been added to avrdude.conf (as with the Windows and Mac OS X releases).

Could updated releases have a minor version bump and be called something like "0013.1" for all platforms instead?

I could wrangle with the "2" as a special case designation (and I'll have to otherwise), but the process is cleaner if minor version designations are consistent.

I'll tag the release in a second.

I see that you have.  Thanks!

I really appreciate all that has gone into this release, and I'm eager to help get it into the hands of lots of Gentoo users in the easiest way possible for them.



The release notes for 0013 says:
* Added word, word(), bitRead(), bitWrite(), bitSet(), bitClear(), bit(),
 lowByte(), and highByte(); see reference for details.

Searching the included and online versions of reference doesn't have these commands.  Could that be posted here?

Also, any chance of having a bootloader for the Arduino Mini Pro 16mhz added next time around?

Paul Garcia


As far as I can tell, the Arduino Pro Mini 16MHz is identical to a Diecimilia or Duemilanove in all fuses and speed parameters in the boards.txt file.

The only difference is that you need an FTDI attachment to do the sketch upload.  If you need 5V support from the SparkFun FTDI Basic Breakout, modify it this way:


Ed -

Would you by chance know of any villages looking for a new idiot? It would appear that I just qualified.

Here I've been studying the Mini Pro home page and the getting started material. Based on your suggestion under the FAQ, I had tried the decimille selection, and got the "AVR Dude doesn't recognize" message. So I keep digging, and asking....

Never even occured to me that the FTDI basic breakout was only putting out 3.3 volts! Use 5V, and guess what? Works just fine. And you know what? On the product description page for the 5V 16 mhz Pro mini, you know what the second sentence is? "...select 'Arduino Diecimila' within the Arduino software...".

Dumb, dumb, dumb!

Thanks for your patience.
Paul Garcia  


Any ETA on Arduino 0013 for Linux AMD64 ?



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