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Hello folks,
I'm looking for an arduino application or guide that could allow me to manage usb port in this way.
My target is to be able to connect the usb on a Oregon Scientific weather station WMR (88 or similar) in order to extract the weather informations available and than manage for aprs stations without personal computers but only with a little uP like arduino platform.
My big issue to solve is the usb connection, because other things probably are under control like (oregon, aprs protocols).
Is there someone that could have an application able to connect first the usb of oregon and extract the data?
Like a usb analizer or someting like that.

Thank you in advance


I guess you already realise that the USB weather station is a USB device and requires a USB Host interface on the Arduino to talk to it.
Go to the circuitsathome website to see their USB Host interface shield and examples of drivers written for other USB devices.

I don't know of an existing driver for the Oregon weather station, so you will need to make your own.

There are existing drivers for this weather station using Linux (wview) which can be adapted.

Based on the circuitsathome techniques used for other devices, you should be able to create a HID driver for the weather station.

If you have specific problems, then ask again here or on the circuits at home site.

I hope you also publish you progress so others can collaborate and use your work.


My target is to be able to connect the usb on a Oregon Scientific weather station WMR (88 or similar) in order to extract the weather informations available

A link to the device in question would be useful. But, in general devices like this are USB slaves. The intent is to have some USB Master (like a PC) control the device, making it do something or say something.

The Arduino has a place to connect a cable that has a USB connector on one end, but, it, too, is a USB Slave.

One USB slave can not make another USB slave do anything. Only a USB Master (Host) can control a USB slave.

Fortunately, sparkfun has a USB Host shield for the Arduino. Unfortunately, writing device drivers is not trivial. So, getting data from the weather station is going to be a challenge. If there is information available on how the weather station gives up data on the USB port, life will be much easier. If not, you've got a big task ahead.
The art of getting good answers lies in asking good questions.


I know that you asked about usb - so I don't know if rf would work for you but here's one link:


I know the Practical Arduino book has a LaCrosse rf decoded - I think that someone used that for the Oregon Stations as well but I don't recall were I saw that - might have been in the arduido forum.

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