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Hey here is a little controller i built, because there wasnt any on the market that fit my need, and i was too cheap to buy a co2 controller... even tho this son of gun cost me 3x what a factory built one would by the time i ended up with a properly working unit.

This controller will :
Monitor and control Co2 ppm from 0ppm - 10,000ppm, and will turn on and off a Co2 regulator based on your Co2ppm and Dead Band Settings.
Monitor your air temp inside your grow room from -50F - +200F. (Well beyond what is normal )
If running a hydroponic system, this unit will monitor your reservoir level via a float sensor installed onto the side of your reservoir or mounted to your water pump.

The Dead Band setting incase you are not familiar with Dead Bands it is an area of a co2 range where no action occurs. IE: If you set your Co2 set to 1200ppm and have a Dead Band setting of 100ppm. The controller will allow the Co2 ppm to drop to 1100ppm before bringing back on the co2 reg. Then shut the reg back off again at 1200ppm or greater. This is important so you do not short cycle your Co2 Reg which means to turn it on and off multiple times and hour. Witch can cause premature failure.

As well as monitor and control co2, temp and res level, This unit also has a built in clock for keeping track of the time of day. Its very useful if you are like me and keep a physical written log of PH, Temp, Res level, Co2 and nute solution PPM.

== See exactly how this thing works here! ==


Rob Tillaart

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I'm interested in your project.  I'd like to see a computer UI though, and eventually maybe like android, and/or iPhone/iPad.  There are other things to monitor and control though.  What I'd like to see is a complete solution for growers to monitor TDS, EC, Ph, maybe res temp as well.  A GUI programmed so that you can set alarms for the Ph being too high or low (which there are hardware components that could be created. To adjust these automatically also.  If you're interested let me know please.  This is the simple ver. Of what I'm talking about.  Creating a line of products is quite fathomable and marketing is one of my strong suits, if a finished set of products can be produced.  I want to work with someone who wants to partner, or will end up hiring someone when funds become available.


it  can if enough people care.

There have been a number of threads about CO2 measurements the last year, so I think there is definitely an interest in it. Furthermore If people find this thread in the future they will get an good impression how it can be done!


Rob Tillaart

Nederlandse sectie - http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php/board,77.0.html -
(Please do not PM for private consultancy)


Ive done a bit of research on this topic, I think adding a CO2 ppm monitor to my own project would be a great addition, I do agree that having something monitoring PH,EC would be great in any greenhouse but you'd have to have a setup that could take such a device, some of my friends have multiple res's to monitor so would need multiple devices, I think that creating an interface in c++/c# that interact's with an arduino that's grabbing environmental data and on the GUI you could add a text input box where you could enter a PH/EC number, I think that would be just as beneficial as a standalone device, at the time of input, time stamp it then save, allowing more than one entry per day.

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