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I have posted SdFatBeta20110810 here http://code.google.com/p/beta-lib/downloads/list.

Here are the main changes:
Added support for multiple SD cards.

Change the name of SdFat::cwd() to SdFat::vwd() since the volume
working directory is not the current working directory with
multiple SD cards.

Added the static function SdBaseFile::cwd() to return a pointer
to the current working directory.

Added the TwoCards.pde example to demonstrate use of multiple SD cards.

Added readCSV.pde example to demonstrate iostream extractors.

Added bool SdBaseFile::timestamp(SdBaseFile* file) to copy one
file's timestamps to another file.

Improved messages in the QuickStart.pde example.

Added maximum latency test to the bench.pde example.

Rearanged class hierarchy to fix conflicts with Flash.h and other Adruino
libraries.  Print is no longer a private parent of file stream classes.

Added high speed multiple block read functions to Sd2Card.

Changes for Arduino 1.0.


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Can I download, unzip, move, etc, and then re-use my Sd2Fatpins.c file (name is something like that) from the July release?
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The modified Sd2PinMap.h for your board should work with this version of SdFat.

In the future Sd2PinMap.h will only be needed for software SPI. 

Hardware SPI will be setup using just the avr port/bit for SPI.  For example PB7 is SCK on your ATmega1284.

I only need the processor ID to setup SS, MOSI, MISO, and SCK.

The Arduino files will only be used for chip select.

I will also produce a version of SdFat that runs without any Arduino core stuff, just what comes with WinAVR.

In the Arduino free version, chip select will be specified by port/bit like this:
Code: [Select]
  if (!sd.init("D3")) sd.initErrorHalt();

Assuming chip select is connected to PD3.

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