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Hi everyone!

We just opened the project section at Fritzing, which we hope will become a general repository for Arduino-based projects (and also for other microcontrollers).

Please have a look at http://fritzing.org/projects.

Currently it just features a few basic examples, but we made it quite open so that all kinds of project descriptions are possible - from technical tips to complex installations.

We hope that you find it useful as a one-stop shop for Arduino project documentation. Please let us know how you like it! We will improve it as we go.

Looking forward to your submissions,

the Fritzing team

- -

If you haven't heard of Fritzing yet: It's an open-source tool we are developing at FH Potsdam, to enable non-engineers to document and share Arduino-based projects, and even create your own pcb.


Cool Idea Andre.

Been watching Fritzing shape up, and its becoming an excellent program!

Keep up the great work!



Invaluable for a newbie like myself! Keep up the great work!

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