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HI there, I'm building a LED art project. Using the pro mini. This project in nature needs to be portable and powered via a battery.

Equipment and Specs

*LED / Shift register array, (5V, average current draw 750mA)
*pro Mini 5V
*DC/DC converter (Buck) 6.5 - 24V in / 5V, 3.5A(max) continuous out

I was originally thinking that I'd use a 9V battery but realized the mAh ratings are quite low and I'd like it to run for at least an hour. Any Ideas? Bonus points for finding a rechargeable battery.

I Googled for awhile but found few prospects. Thanks






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I'd google for Li-ion batteries and matching chargers. A camcorder or power tool battery should be suitable. Or you could go for a sealed lead-acid battery if the weight is not a problem.
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The above will do nicely! Thanks!

I just checked out camcorder batteries, but they were a bit too pricey. Space is at a premium. Thanks for the input!



A batch of NiMH AA cells and a battery holder?  8 cells would give 10V at 2000mAh
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I don't want to be a smart guy, but just in case you are not used to LiPo baterries some advice

1. Never discharge it below 3,1 V per cell (below 3V it will be detroyed)
2. If you wantt the battery to last long, don't discrge it below 75% of the capacity.
3, Always charge it with a balancer
4. never charge it unattended

Just an advice



5. Always charge away from combustible materials in a ceramic dish...
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