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Windows, Mac, and Linux versions are on the download page: http://arduino.cc/en/Main/Software

This version of the software sees major changes in the codebase for the Arduino development environment (IDE).  Its code base has been resynched with Processing (1.0.3) and now support multiple windows and other new features.  Arduino 0017 also includes new icons, design and artwork created by Thomas Gläser (envis precisely).  

Changes include:

[documentation / examples]
* Many new and revised examples from Tom Igoe.

[core / libraries]
* Updated LiquidCrystal library by Limor Fried.  See reference for details.
* Updated Firmata library to version 2.1 (rev. 25).
* Replaced the Servo library with one (MegaServo) by Michael Margolis.
 Supports up to 12 servos on most Arduino boards and 48 on the Mega.
* Improving the accuracy of the baud rate calculations for serial
 communication (fixing double-speed problems on 8 MHz Arduino boards).
 Thanks to gabebear.

* Synchronized with the Processing 1.0.3 code base (rev. 5503), bringing
 many improvements (listed below).
* New icons and about image by Thomas Glaser (envis precisely).
* Support for multiple sketch windows.
* The serial monitor now has its own window.
* Comment / Uncomment menu item (in Edit) and keyboard shortcut.
* Increase and Decrease Indent menu items (in Edit) and keyboard shortcuts.
* Support for third-party libraries in the SKETCHBOOK/libraries folder.
* Libraries are now compiled with the sketch, eliminating the delay when
 switching boards and the need to delete .o files when changing library
 source code.
* Arduino now comes as an app file (in a dmg) on the Mac.
* Adding the Arduino Nano w/ ATmega328 to the Tools > Board menu.


Aug 12, 2009, 01:41 am Last Edit: Aug 12, 2009, 01:41 am by Nachtwind Reason: 1
First impression: Nice but i have two small ideas..
In the Serial window it would be nice to have two buttons besides Send: Restart and Reconnect.
Restart sends a reset signal to the Arduino and Reconnect simply tries to establish a new serial connection (e.g. you have shortned the Arduino and the COM becomes temporarily unavailable - in that case you have to close and reopen the serial window)
Secondly - do you really have to show that splash? If it is not vitally needed it would be nice to have a option either in preferences or preferences.txt to skip that one..

But all in all.. it is, some sort of, nice update :0)

(and still.. PLEASE make Shift+Backspace deactivatable! Its not 9-Finger friendly!)


Thanks team for all your hard work. It installs clean and works great so far.



Very nice (aero working perfectly now, bluetooth does not delay the IDE!). Hoping that next version supports Windows 7 taskbar :)

My website: http://ried.cl


This new release seems a lot more responsive, the menus especially.   I also love the new edit functions such as increase and decrease indent.  

I'm using it in a 64bit Vista VM without any issues.

Keep up the great work.



Finally a selfcontained app for os x users :D

P.S.: Fix the os x version link in the site, it's the same for windows version instead of .dmg .


Great work!

Runs perfect on Win7 x64 here.
I'm from Norway!


I like the separate serial monitor window. I find it strange that closing the last window closes the app. There should be a Window menu item, also.


Ummm I might be being silly - but where do I put libraries on the OSX version?

It says SKETCHBOOK/LIBRARIES - but where does it mean?!


UPDATE: Hoping that next version supports Windows 7 taskbar :)

Change to this:

with this:

;D a temporal workaround to "happy" Win7 users.
My website: http://ried.cl


nice work :0)

Next thing: add tabs to the superbar ,0)


Aug 12, 2009, 11:28 pm Last Edit: Aug 12, 2009, 11:49 pm by EmilyJane Reason: 1
Ummm I might be being silly - but where do I put libraries on the OSX version?

It says SKETCHBOOK/LIBRARIES - but where does it mean?!

Good question!

control click on the app and select Show Package Contents. They are under Resources > Java > hardware > libraries.


Thanks EmilyJane - I did look in there first - but obviously didn't look hard enough!



Awesome!  Compiler errors in multi-tab sketches and .h files are now correctly reported and located!

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