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Barney, mem does not have a problem with 0017, it was grumpy_mike that reported those errors. I belive he is using a Mac, are you also?


I'm still using 0016, because I can't compile on my mac.  See my topic "error compiling 0017".


Hi mem, sorry about the confusion. Yes, I am using a mac. It looks like this may be a mac problem. If you want me to try any debugging steps, let me know.



Thanks, it works like a charm on my Dell Mini 10v Hackintosh!!!!


This issue has been around since 15 I think, no one has fixed it yet -

the ADXL3xx example sketch has pins and variables initiated with slightly different names than how they appear later on in the sketch

(e.g.: xPin.... xpin)


You should put libraries in the libraries sub-directory of your Arduino sketchbook folder (e.g. ~/Documents/Arduino on Mac or My Documents/Arduino on Windows).  You'll need to create the libraries/ directory.  This way, libraries can stick around when you upgrade the version of Arduino.  I'll try to update the documentation soon.

This works as stated...

However what initially confused me is there is an existing directory which is not correct...

Opening the Arduino package also works, but as stated, that makes updates difficult and very unMac like.

Other than that initial confusion I really like the new environment!!!

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