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I have downloaded the IDE from Illuminatilabs, I have built this IDE wth ant ant got it running. It contains a Compiler.java that uses ant and needs core specific ant build.xml files. So this is a must to build anything.

But the hardware/core/xxxx directories does not contain any build.xml files. So Complier.java does not build anything, not for the AVR targets and not for IXM.

Are your app and hardeware/core git/distribution control off or am I a total fool?


vaporware = 4 letter word for me... ouch, right where it hurts most! still recovering over here... *cough* *gasp*

@M Lundin - what severino said.... ps... vaporware = evil, and i would totally be with you, but i would hang myself if i ever talked about vaporware... seriously :) yeah, you just have to download the IDE from the right place. it's confusing, for now, but chris and i are building the core into a single large ide just called "illuminato" for now... partly because including the arm code bloats the download way too much...

cheers :)


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Whoaw, sorry, sensitive nerve, yeah I saw it on your site that but didnt really think about it.

I have all the arm dev tools already on my system ( Codesorcery g++ lite) and I have experience using them, and if there are some path problem I think I can fix that, but it is the ant build instructions that are missing build.xml.[edit]I really want to test your code, I can build stuff, I have ANT installed, I have both ARM and AVR toolchains installed (ouside Arduino), I dont think I need a huge prebuilt IDE thingy,  but some  tings are missing !! :(  (Fedora 11)[/edit]


Ha, no problem at all... the Illuminato IDE is mostly just made right now so it can work "out of the installer box" on Windows and Mac, Chris and I didn't think anyone would want to compile the IDE for themselves (wrong) since it's a bit big. Anyway thanks for taking a look at the code! I'm at work right now (unfortunately) so I can't do anything except type comments onto the forum and make smiley faces :) ... but tonight I'll send you more info on the source code tree. If you want, just drop me a note at inthebitz at gmail... Cheers!


@M Lundin

That's really cool that you're following the dev of the github repository. You've probably seen that GitHub broadcasts the source commits to RSS feeders, so you can almost figure out the new features being added as they are checked in.

Omar and I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to manage remote source code contributions for both the IDE code base and the hardware board cores.

Here's how we did it:
Code: [Select]
   <target name="get.cores">
       <!-- Get Illuminato X Machina Core -->
       <get src="http://livingcomputation.com/ixm/pub/sfb-latest.zip"
       <unzip src="hardware/cores/sfb-latest.zip"
       <move file="hardware/cores/SFB" tofile="hardware/cores/ixm"/>
       <delete file="hardware/cores/sfb-latest.zip"/>

The IXM is an example of a remote core, hosted externally, the source code is grabbed from a web URL.

So I've seen your error before when I forgot to get the latest updates from github.

Pull the latest from GitHub:
$ git pull

Then you can build and run the IDE right from your win/mac/linux by issuing the following command:

Build Source and Run the IDE:
$ ant dist.all run.all

Hope that helps.


Building was not so hard, once I realised that instead of using the target/build.sh the trick is to use ant as a build tool also for the IDE.


@AVRman, I wil take a stab at your instructions, one of these days. You know, regular jobs :) .
What I really want to test is if I can make your setup build my Arduino STM32 targets without modifying the Compiler.java class, but just supplying the correct ant build instructions.


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@M Lundin

An STM32 core framework would be a very useful addition.

If you model your directories and build files similar to the IXM core, it should be possible to extend Arduino to build your STM32 core.

If you make some progress on the STM32 core, feel free to fire me a message on github or if it's easier, my email is, avrman at gmail dot com


Here is an example commit log from the Arduino IDE that shows a new feature added.

Added ANT based bootloader uploading.

Which looks like this:

Of course the bootloader upload is completely orchestrated by the Illuminato X Machina's core build files, so it's flexible to extend to other cores.

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