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I am not sure you can stack any shield above the board if the XBee module is in place, unless you use taller headers on the base board.


hi nkc,

Thanks for that. You are right in the case that shield stacking on top of normal headers would be a tight situation for the XBee. I believe you carry these headers right? Could you give us a quote on headers and slide switches for 100 of our boards?



I have the long legged headers, but what you need are headers with long bodies and short legs, I recommend using at least double the height of the standard header (body length).


Got you.. Any part number from Digikey, Mouser that you can reference?

As regards to slide switches, do you carry them?



I was wondering if you successfully tested the wireless upload of a sketch, using the XBee.
I noticed that in the previous version you used the schematic described in Rob Faludi's article (even using digital pin 4 to drive the reset pin). I am asking the question because I am not able to reproduce Rob's results. Even manual reset won't allow me to upload a sketch using the XBee (I get communication error in Arduino IDE).
Your comments will be appreciated.


Hi fluorinc,

The SCAXb ver.1 design was made a year ago with lots of trials and errors specially with respect to some peculiar resistor values that had to be taken into consideration if you follow Fauldi's circuit.

As far as I can remember, some specific resistor values were needed. We have no problems wirelessly uploading the code to the board and you can straight away follow the schematic at: http://myra-robotics.com/SCAXb-manual.pdf. Just replace the 3.3K resistor between the atmega and xbee with something a lot smaller. We used 3.3ohms.


It seems like the site is dead?  Is this because no one is interesting in this?


Well, actually we are re-designing and re-launching the site soon as soon as we have the KoRe manufactured. Right now we are seeking cost-effective manufacturing design solution in India



I purchased the remix funnel IO board and a xbee transciever from NKCelectronics for $45 dollars.  I like this option!


Yes its no problem,
We would still be manufacturing it though because:

1. We have pre-orders already
2. Funnel IO does not have shield support
3. KoRe has XBee low power switching support
4. KoRe has Xbee/USB option
5. We could bring the cost down further
6. Part of a grander plan in our robotics suite of products  


just waiting for you to open your shop to let me buy two of those ;0)


I guess that - from reading the 'website' that the idea is dead and buried. Ami right?


Seems my posting was outdated in less than 9 hours. Forget about it ;0)


Updating this post too with the latest news

Please make sure to note that we have moved to our new website address at: http://www.myrarobotics.com and the older one with the hypen is now dead

Also the KoRe will come with nice long female headers and long ICSP that allows shield stacking on top of XBee

Also the production version will come with battery jack so you have essentially three ways of powering the KoRe - USB, DC and battery supply


1. ATmega328 with your choice of XBee
2. XBee Sleep / AWK switch to shut down FTDI and LEDs for low power state
3. Nice USB/XBee switches for Xbee-Computer and XBee-ATmega connection modes
4. Wireless code uploading
5. I2C pins
6. Power with DC adapter or USB or [Battery supply - Production version]
7. Price just $49.99 with your choice of XBee
8. Non-Xbee interfering Shield Support with Long Female Headers and ICSP
9. We are into production mode now after a lot of back and forth prototype testing
10. Click here to register your buyer interest specially the type of Xbee Series 1 or 2 that you require

Nice long Headers and ICSP


Another pic


Thank you


 I really love this design. I just have one major problem. I have Xbee's with external antennas. It doesn't look like they will fit ... too close to board components. Am I correct?


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