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Hey Phil,

Do you mean the XBee Series 1 module with wire antenna? There is good spacing between components for both with and without antenna Xbees. The long female headers work great too with on chip antenna types to allow neat shield stacking on top of Xbee



And yes, the female headers are really nice and long to support shield stacking on top of both with antenna and on-chip antenna XBees. I will post a few photos of these soon too for you to have a look


 I have series (2) I believe ... with an external RP-SMA antenna. Looking at your picture, the antenna would hit the crystal.



Wow this looks like a great product.

Can't wait for you to have some stock!

My monthly arduino budget is a little more than one of these, I'll definitely be shopping with you ASAP!


Ok, I might sound naive, but is this board fully arduino compatible? Can it be programmed the same way? What about I/O ports?


Yes, you are right

This board is completely arduino compatible and can be programmed in the same way i.e. use of Arduino IDE and all other tools that u use for your arduino. The added benefits are that you get and integrated Xbee solution on the board itself plus wireless uploading plus arduino shield support. See: http://myrarobotics.com/kore.html


Sounds really cool and at great price! When do you think you can have these babes ready to ship to customers?
By the way, ZigBee is not yet that common as bluetooth, so are you going to sell also a usb zigbee dongle for communication, or at lease suggest any compatible ones?
Maybe some sneak peaks of sample code on how to communicate wirelessly would be also great.
Thanks and thumbs up for this great product! :)


Well the board itself becomes a Zigbee USB dongle without the microcontroller and the switches in the USB position. So buying two of these boards really makes a lot of sense.

As far as manufacturing, we are relocating to San Diego in a new office, and we have given the digital data for manufacturing last week. I would say these babies will be ready in a month's time. Also make sure you register your buyer interest at: http://www.myrarobotics.com in order for us to know how many KoRes you would need



Just a thought, I dunno if you can edit your older posts in this thread but some of them point to http://myra-robotics.com which appears to be a dead link.


we will be updating the older link to redirect with the newer one

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