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Hi Guy´s. I´m new on the Arduino world and currently I´m trying to let my arduino read Temperature from a Sensor and send the Value over the Lan to my Linux Server and write it down to a prepared MySQL DB. I´ve prepared a PHP Script who write to the DB. All my little Arduino needs to do is do a HTTP Request

"p.e. http://my-server/arduino/send_data.php?TEMP=value". Okay that sounds very simple :P and with the original Arduino Ethernet Shield, this shouldn´t be a Problem but I have the cheaper Version who called "EtherShield". I´ve downloadet the latest Version of the Librarie on Google Code and I´ve tried one of the Examples who works fine. I was able to Ping the Device and I was able to connect to the Device (with the Webserver Example).

Now I´ve googled a bit and find a dummy source on "Andy´s Life" Webpage who should do exactly what I want do. I´ve changed the Values to fit to my Network and I´ve deleted the part of his Code where he is reading his Sensor Data.

All my Code should do now is reply to a Ping Request and sending every 30 Secondes "123456" to my Database. Ok so far so good. Here is my Code:

Code: [Select]
#include <etherShield.h>

static uint8_t mymac[6] = {0xAA,0x55,0x58,0x10,0x00,0x24};         //Shields Mac Address
static uint8_t myip[4] = {192,168,1,222};                          //Arduino's IP Address
static uint8_t gwip[4] = {192,168,1,1};                           //Arduino's Gateway Address
static uint8_t webip[4] = {192,168,1,2};                          //Server's IP Address

// The name of the virtual host which you want to contact at webip (hostname of the first portion of the URL):

#define WEB_VHOST ""                                    //Virtual Host Name of the Server
#define WEBURL "/arduino/send_data.php?TEMP=123456"                     //PHP Script Location
#define MYWWWPORT 80     

static volatile uint8_t start_web_client=0;  // 0=off but enabled, 1=send update, 2=sending initiated, 3=update was sent OK, 4=diable updates
static uint8_t web_client_attempts=0;
static uint8_t web_client_sendok=0;
static uint8_t resend=0;


#define BUFFER_SIZE 650
static uint8_t buf[BUFFER_SIZE+1];

// Instantiate the EtherShield class
EtherShield es=EtherShield();

// prepare the webpage by writing the data to the tcp send buffer
uint16_t print_webpage(uint8_t *buf)
  uint16_t plen;

  plen = es.ES_fill_tcp_data_p(buf,0,PSTR("HTTP/1.0 200 OK\r\nContent-Type: text/html\r\nPragma: no-cache\r\n\r\n"));
  plen=es.ES_fill_tcp_data_p(buf,plen,PSTR("<h1>Temp/Humidity Monitor</h1><pre>\n"));


// Browser callback, where we get to after receiving a reply to an update, should really
// do somthing here to check all was OK.
void browserresult_callback(uint8_t statuscode,uint16_t datapos){
  if (statuscode==0){
  // clear pending state at sucessful contact with the
  // web server even if account is expired:
  if (start_web_client==2) start_web_client=3;

// Perform setup on ethernet and oneWire
void setup(){

  // initialize enc28j60
  //init the ethernet/ip layer:
  es.ES_init_ip_arp_udp_tcp(mymac,myip, MYWWWPORT);
  // init the web client:
  es.ES_client_set_gwip(gwip);  // e.g internal IP of dsl router

// The business end of things
void loop(){
  uint16_t dat_p;
  int8_t cmd;
  unsigned long lastSend = millis();
  unsigned long time;

    // handle ping and wait for a tcp packet
    dat_p=es.ES_packetloop_icmp_tcp(buf,es.ES_enc28j60PacketReceive(BUFFER_SIZE, buf));
      time = millis();
      if( time > (lastSend + 30000) ) {
        resend=1; // resend once if it failed
        lastSend = time;}

      if (start_web_client==1) {
        es.ES_client_browse_url(PSTR(WEBURL),PSTR(WEB_VHOST),NULL, &browserresult_callback);
        web_client_attempts++;  }
      continue;   }
    es.ES_www_server_reply(buf,dat_p); // send data
  } }

Okay. :P If I write this to my Arduino, it seams that he just make nothing. The Board don´t answer my Ping Requests, It don´t call the PHP Script, It don´t create his Website yeah it even don´t try to connect to the Server (seen Apache log files).

If you have any Ideas for my Problem, I would be very Happy :-)

Thanks a lot Friends :)


Hi Guys Problem detected and solved.

The command "  es.ES_enc28j60SpiInit(); "  faid on void setup()

Subject can be closed. Thanks

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