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@Nachtwind: what kind of crash? can you provide a step/step to get that error? I have Win7 x64 in my laptop.

I think is related by the Win7 asking for signed drivers (customized ones aren't digitally signed, because you need to buy a signature  :-[), can be solved by a boot modifier parameter.
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Hm, there have been several crashes on upload or serial communication. It was randomly happening in like 40% of all serial communications.. strange as it seems ><
Believe me, Mike, I calculated the odds of this succeeding against the odds I was doing something incredibly stupid[ch8230] and I went ahead


I have used MProg to rewrite both Vendor ID and Product ID in Arduino. I think it may be successful. I have rewritten both Vendor ID and Product ID in both ftdibus.inf and ftdiport.inf in FTDI's driver folder. But, when I connect Arduino to PC via USB, I cannot make the right device driver. PC shows error message. Now, I cannot rewrite both Vendor ID and Product ID in Arduino by MProg. When I click Device/Scan in MProg, It shows "Number Of Blank Devices = 0   Number Of Programmed Devices = 0".
My Arduino cannot communicate to PC via USB, because it doesn't have the right device driver.  
By the way, Device Type in my MProg is FT232BM, not FT232R. Is it the cause?
What should I do?


That happens if you killed ftdi. I don't know why that happened to you, happened to me once, don't know if is a faulty ftdi chip or something that I did do wrong, so I decided to write down the detailed experience to help other people.

If you followed this instructions perfectly I'm not sure what happened. Sorry. Now, the operative system couldn't recognize the faulty ftdi chip (with null vendor and product ids), I tried with no luck to reborn the ftdi chip.

You didn't lose your arduino yet, your solution is to replace it:

-Buy another FTDI chip (I boughed mine from seedstudio, $4 USD?)
-Remove the actual one, with solder and soldering iron apply heat to each side, don't worry if you break the ftdi, but take care about the pcb pads and don't apply so much heat
-Clean the pcb with solder remover
-Align the new one, and touch gently each leg with the soldering iron, don't need to apply more solder

Good luck

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