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Thanks CrossRoads. Just sent out one for cpu trade and will send another one out for an order later this week. If you've got something, we can trade again :)


I'll look around. Still haven't gotten around to ordering parts to assemble the previous board you sent.
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Bit of an update to my project.

High Speed Counting is now working :) HUGE thanks to GrayNomad for working with me on this.
RTC works too.

Bringing a Fluke 725 Process Calibrator home with me from work today to test everything out accurately over the weekend, test the high speed, analog inputs, analog outputs, PWM outputs etc. Should be good :)

So far, everything is still proving to work as per the design which is amazing.

On to about the 8th 20 hour day in a row now, ready for a sleep in!



Bit of an update

Fluke Calibrator worked a treat, The Brick works great :)

Most things tested, however I didnt have equipment to test out the RS485 or XBee however they should work fine.

Shipped of 2 of these prototypes to a gentleman in the UK who purchased them, shipped one off to a local guy who purchased 1, and have the last one yet to make up for a mate which I will be using it on one of his projects.

Attached is a render of the board which I did this weekend for use in the Documentation I am writing for The Brick.

I have a nice guy in the USA building me a website, which will be hosted here www.barkyboards.co.nz which will contain product information, downloads, specs etc. This will be available in due course.

So all in all, this project is a success - now these prototypes just need to be used in anger to make sure they are 'fit for purpose'.




So you sold quite a few! Congrats! You got to consider making an HMI sometime. Used in anger, LOL

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