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Now i have releaseed the Conmand Vertion_Bate instead of the RainbowduinoV1.1_SampleSketch.


[2009-6-16] Rainbow_conmandVertion_Bate

Update: 1.Use 5 Byte Rainbow conmand  to control Rainbowduino display , accelerate the  data transmission effectively.
       2.pre-storage 5 frames Image in Rainbowduino Flash for being called to display, at most can pre-storage about 100 frames Image in 10K Flash.
       3.pre-srorage 26 Lateer characte library and 10 number characte library .
       4.merge the display and shift-play funtion in one conmand , simplify use.
       5.build a ganma value table for modifying the nonlinearity color display of different LED Matrix.
       6.error check and timeout arithmetic for Rainbow conmand transmission.

This SampleSketch not just show u the impact but also to supply the API conmand function for user to  control rainbow display .


These units look great! I built a similar thing with 2x2 units but using sparkfun's serial matrix... (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q7BnNd866O8)

One question - is there / will there be a version with a diffuser on the front to help the colors mix? One thing I like about the sparkfun matrix is each pixel has an opaque cover. From the pics it looks like the rainbowduino's RGB led chips aren't covered.




These units look great! I built a similar thing with 2x2 units but using sparkfun's serial matrix... (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q7BnNd866O8)

I found that project from a post on the Sparkfun website, and it is awesome! Any chance you might write up how you built it and/or maybe share the code? I would love to try and build on like yours. The only 'flaw' with the RainbowDuino is the fact that it does not allow a 2x2 matrix like you made.


I've been writing up the project when I have had time as a few people have asked, will post it up soon I hope!

To be honest I don't see why you couldn't make a 2x2 unit with the rainbowduinos, you'd just need to run a few wires wire between the top and bottom 2 matrices to daisy chain them together.


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I've created a serial command firmware for the Rainbowduino, based on the Rainbow_CMD_2.0 sketch. It's been refactored, performance has been improved, and I've added some additional functionality. I will post a Python module for accessing it later. For the usual reasons, it's currently restricted to controlling a single Rainbowduino, but I am thinking about extending it to handling a set of connected ones.


Feel free to contact me if you have issues or questions. Thanks to the team at Seeed labs for excellent hardware, and some really useful software.


Two questions about Rainbowduino:

- is there a unused digital pin from the ATMEGA168 to carry Maxim 1-wire protocol? I would use it as a slave device.
- can I group the constant current outputs to drive one or two 3W RGB LED? It's 350mA on green, blue and 220mA on red.


Agent Smith, looking at one of my Rainbowduino boards, I see that PD2, ADC6 and ADC7 are are unused and available for connections.  If you're not using serial, PD0 and PD1 are available, and there are the pins used for I2C that could be repurposed too.


@seant: the URL you provided links to a 404 not found....i'd like to take a look at what you've done, if you're still willing to share?



the new Rainbowduino you purchased now will be with 4 PCB color. We will experiment more in the future, opinions welcomed!


This looks really interesting

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