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I have been looking some time to find a cheap solution for situations where I need a scope.

I found this: http://www.jyetech.com/en/default.html

I bought it, it's on it's way to me now. For US based people it might be cheaper to buy here: http://www.dpcav.com/xcart/product.php?productid=16330&cat=0&page=1&featured

I am posting this since I thought it might be a nice first Oscilloscope for people that don't want to spend a lot of money for a first scope that can do more than they need.



That is the coolest looking scope I've ever seen. I love the design choice of bare PCB! Imagine the looks of envy your tech friends will have when you pull that out of a pocket and solve a problem.


I love the pricepoint on it - and it looks really neat too.  Would save me from having to continually borrow my friends o-scope when I need one.  :)


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News about the scope ??


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I received the scope, shipping took only a few days. I haven't had time to do any testing yet.

Edit: Anybody else that bought it?


I might buy the kit version. Looks like fun to solder up....
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If u can, tell your impressions. I'm very curious[ch8230]I think I buy it.

(sorry for my english, I'm Italian ;) )


Man, that is darn cool! The bees knees, of course, would be to add a USB interface so you cold do everything from a computer...or at least capture/log data.



There is being worked on software for your PC. Through rs-232 though, jus to show data from the LCD on your PC. Not for controlling as far as I know.


Looks cool and the price point is awesome.

I don't know much about o-scopes, but how is the sampling rate?  Is that good enough?


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They mention 2M/s and 1MHz bandwidth

Looks cool :)

The Velleman HPS10 Hand Held Oscilloscope sells for about $109.95 and has a 10MHz sampling rate according for the specs and
2MHz analog bandwidth



I liked it so much that I am selling it in my store: http://www.nkcelectronics.com/digital-storage-oscilloscope-very-low-cost.html

I tested it against a Rigol DSO, so I will be publishing some comparison pictures soon.

If anyone is interested in a particular test, just let me know and I will gladly play a little bit with this DSO and send you the results.


Very interesting :)

Do you have it in stock?

Thanks :)



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