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Ran Talbott

but actually bombing the forum is WAY above what I can tolerate.

Or,  in the original Aramaic:

Melli,  Melli,  lama sabachthani

(Sorry:  couldn't resist...)



Melli,  Melli,  lama sabachthani

Here it is in yiddish, courtesy of google translate, please enjoy your learning experience!

[ch1488][ch1464][ch1489][ch1506][ch1512] [ch1488][ch1463][ch1511][ch1513][ch1500][ch1497] [ch1489][ch1488][ch1463][ch1502][ch1497][ch1504][ch1490] [ch1491][ch1506][ch1512] [ch1508][ch1488][ch1464][ch1512][ch1493][ch1501] [ch1488][ch1497][ch1494] [ch1493][ch1493][ch1506][ch1490] [ch1492][ch1506][ch1499][ch1506][ch1512] [ch1493][ch1493][ch1488][ch1464][ch1505] [ch1488][ch1497][ch1498] [ch1511][ch1506][ch1503] [ch1491][ch1506][ch1512][ch1500][ch1488][ch1464][ch1494][ch1503].


This site is my new addiction. I love it cause its sooo intellectual.

Would upgrading the site to a more shiny forum help solve this Spam?

Does it cost money?

If so how much, maybe we can set up donations.

Spammer make jezuz angry >:(, you don't like it when jezuz angry >:(





Yiddish is written with Hebrew characters!?  Oy vey!



According to google it is... and google is always right. ALWAYS!


I don't know if spam is more annoying than how this discussion turned out.

BTW Replacing the forum is not going to solve the problem with spam.
Any forum will get spam unless they make life very difficult for legitimate users.

When we upgraded servers a few months back I setup the forum rules to be very strict (No links or images before 10 posts, no more than 1 post every 10 minutes, users had to be manually approved) but this generated a certain amount of complaints from people so we had to relax the restrictions...

I'm willing to add moderators to help clean up spam, volunteers should just send me a PM on the forum. I will decide based on your track record on the forum. A good contributor will make a good mod I believe.

Please revert back to some meaningful conversation.


Changing Forum software IS going to solve the Spamming issue. You just have to provide the somplest of all 'hacks' 'mods' or 'addons' to it. Something like Akismet checks every post if it contains spam (and this quite good. more than 99% of the time it is right). Other addons provide the option to check IP, email or username against a global database of spammers...
Of course you may want to check if this is possible with this forum, but i rather doubt it as we arent even using PHP (as it seems)..

Ran Talbott

I don't know if spam is more annoying than how this discussion turned out.

For you,  maybe not.  For most users,  definitely yes.

I spent several years running some of the most contentious forums on CompuServe,   so I'm intimately familiar with the frustration and annoyance of complaints from users who often don't understand how difficult it is to keep things running smoothly.  Which,  compared to a huge number of forums on the web these days,  you do quite well (anybody who thinks the spam problem is bad around here should spend a few hours reading some unmoderated Yahoo groups).

Even though it sucks that you're not getting much explicit praise for keeping this place chugging along,  you should take encouragement from,  and pride in,  the fact that so many people are voting with their electronic feet by coming here every day and using it.  You shouldn't ignore the occasional complaint,  but I would encourage you to look at the stats on the number of visitors and postings to help keep the complaints in perspective.

Any forum will get spam unless they make life very difficult for legitimate users.

True,  but you can dramatically cut it by making it only slightly difficult for legit users.  The "No links in your first posting" limit is a good example:  expanding that to,  say,  the first 3-5 postings,  and adding a daily posting quota for a brief trial period,  would take a big bite out of spamming with only a minimal inconvenience to legitimate users.  The quota should run for a short time (2-3 days) from the date of first posting,  not the date of sign-up,  to keep spammers from setting up accounts and waiting out the quota period before unleashing a flood.

I'd be happy to discuss this idea in more detail if you let me know it's feasible to implement it (i.e.,  that there's someone who's willing,  and has the time,  to do the tweaks to the YaBB source and/or config files).

Two final thoughts:  the vast majority of users will put up with the occasional spam attack or other misbehavior if they perceive that problems are being addressed.  When spam postings hang around for days (as happened with the "counterfeit shoe" spammer),  and the posters are not seen to have been whacked,   user frustration builds.  Moving to add some more moderators should be a big help.  It will probably also help to occasionally make some sort of public announcement about what's been done lately to suppress the spam.  Let people know that they can contact one of the moderators,  who will make the spam and the spammer go away quickly,  and they'll see it as a minor cost of free speech,  instead of a major imposition.

As I said above,  you've built a damned good resource here,  that a huge number of people prove every day they consider very valuable.  Don't be discouraged by the rare complaints.



I'd like to second Ran's comments. This is a great forum. A little help showing spammers the door is all that's required to make it better.
The art of getting good answers lies in asking good questions.


and adding a daily posting quota for a brief trial period

Do not want...

Spammers rarely post more than 15 a day and I have on quite a few occasions posted near or occasionally above that...


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funny thing is, YOU can almost completely stop spam by hardly effecting the users, ... for example

1) get moderators (im pretty disappointed that no one has responded to my pm about me volunteering)

2) replace that dumb text footer with an image, change tags to remove all traces of yabb in plain text (including the darn header) these bots scan google for this exact forum system cause they know how to attack it, this site screams NOOBIE with a vulnerable system

3) check user emails upon registration against a spam blacklist, like http://www.stopforumspam.com/

4) clean up the mess, bots are looking for post's by other bots

All of these are transparent to the user, and you can stop the spamming almost instantly

All it takes is a bit of time and some effort


(im pretty disappointed that no one has responded to my pm about me volunteering)

Unfortunately I think that the current mods are pretty busy people so it may take them a bit of time to reply (and delete spam)...




Have you ever wondered how many PM's mods get asking "hey, do you guys want another moderator?" or something of the sort?  I'm guessing it's not ALOT.. but more than you'd expect. But I'm guessing they're on to ignoring those PM's, kind of like the people who PM for personal one on one help.. when it would be better to ask in the forum for all to see.  :P

And how exactly do they decide who's going to be a mod?  Is it by suggestions only? How many posts they've made? How many RELEVANT posts they've made? Do we have a dance off?

Then, how you do you stop the children from complaining that they weren't given the chance to be a moderator, when in fact they "applied" months ago by PMing a random moderator expecting an answer?

But anyways.. onto the "spam", I think they're doing a good job. I can't remember if I read it in this post earlier.. or another post.. but I remember a moderator mentioning that they DIDN'T want to add a Captcha.. I think the one time sign-up is okay.. considering you can't post links on the first post. (keep them both!) I know it won't stop them all.. but it will limit some.. also the e-mail verification would be awesome. I wouldn't mind signing up with my e-mail address, as long as I don't get spam-o-la in my e-mail. :)

I'm not sure how hard it would be.. but maybe for a new users first 10 posts, they can't post one after another within 1 minute. So make their first post.. then have to wait a minute to post a second. Etc. Until their first 10 posts are up.

But regardless of everything, I'm thankful for the time you guys put into these forums! :)

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