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I think it will be more sensible to get a new PC, or install linux if possible. Running with unsupported software (win98 or v09) doesn't make things easier. You should be able to run a lean window manager (e.g. xfce) on such an old machine (and I hope it's got more than 64MB of ram).


I have an vista notebook without a hardware rs232; i tried to upload via a profilic 2303 usb-rs232 adapter without luck; so I checked for many hours the forum to find a solution. at my win98 PC the compilation fails with v11 and v14, but this one has a rs232.

the serial communication with the board is proofed with a simple programm made with bascom-avr, in both directions, to a terminalprogramm.

I have found out, that in the v09 an older gcc ist used, with should do the job with win98.

I ask in this topic because there is a big change with the server migration I think: the older versions are no more available.
maybe tomorrow.

thanks for first answer,  andi


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I'm sorry that you have to use windows.

If you described you problem in more detail, chances to get help would be much bigger. "It doesn't work" is a bit vague and could be caused by many things.

Still, don't expect people to try and fix code for v09. It is obsolete for a long time, just like win98. It should be retired. Tell us what doesn't work using the latest version in detail, give us error messages.

Edit: and it's also time to split this thread :-)


thumbs up for the new server, forum is blisteringly quick.. :)


Wow  :D

Finaly you don't all kind off timeouts when using the forum or website.



I have had a few timouts tonight but I think that might have been my internet, I have had no problems otherwise...



This is indeed a big improvement over the old system. Thanks to the admins for making the change, and for making it so seamlessly.


andi: I am working in enabling downloads from a different server during the day. This is part of my scheduled migration work ... moving downloads away from the httpd server is my priority #1 to keep the system at full speed

Please be patient some more hours, this will not take long.


hello David,

thank you for the positive answer, I will wait  :D


Andi: it has been done :-)

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