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eh why not, there's 100 more


Anyway, come on guys. I had not seen those comments cos I did not go looking.

You didn't manage and neither did me or a whole load of other people but it doesn't really matter. Just forget it ever happened and carry on with life,

and arduino!  ;D



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oh believe me, i have totally forgotten about sparkfun even existing



Ok, i'm just going to stop commenting on this now.

Someone needs to take some happy pills. It would be a shame to lose you from the arduino community...  :(



oh believe me, i have totally forgotten about sparkfun even existing

Very well put, my feelings exactly.


Aww, wish I didn't miss this.


I was sitting on a fairly fast Internet connection at work.  Sparkfun's server could even be pinged -- let along answer an httpd request.  I bought a couple things that I really wanted for a project a couple days before free day.  I halfway expected the nightmare that the free day became.  So, I'm happy my order shipped before free day started.  I have to agree with one of the first posters -- this was an epic fail.  A good chunk of the $100k was probably given to script kiddies who will try to eBay the goods.  What goodwill does that create?  To me, it was a waste of time.  Sparkfun can choose to do what they want.  They otherwise seem to provide good service -- so, I won't stop buying from them.  But, the whole thing left a bit of a bad taste in my mouth.


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I dunno about "good service" every single order I ever place required a phone call 4-5 days later asking if they could bother to ship it, and I have been generally avoiding sparkfun well before free day cause of it too

Doesn't matter, there is others that offer most of the same stuff for fair or better prices, and places like seeed studios or the maker shed are almost always same day shipping (within reasonable time limits of course) ... at least the couple times I have ordered from those places


Now that's some really nice advertising :P


site was jammmeeed that day
i just gave up


I tried, too. Except I was successful!!!! Just got lucky, I guess. Lots of new stuff to build my new aquarium controller with!


Hi :)

It's my first post on arduino forums :)


F***ing A why did i see this first now  ;D


Almost a week ago i've received my order from free day.

XBee 2mW Series 2.5 Wire Antenna         2x
Arduino XBee Shield Empty                      1x
XBee Explorer USB                                  1x

For a total of $12.84

I'm sorry for all people that failed to get something.


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