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I realise this post is a bit old now but i dont think it's uVGA board because mine doesn't work with Duino in SPI either, it works fine with PIC though

Code: [Select]


This sketch is very basic test of the MicroVGA.

Before running it, please make sure the MicroVGA is connected
properly to the arduino and it is configured for SPI mode
using built-in setup tool.

The demo should SLOWLY display "U" character infinitely.

If something else is displayed, there is a problem with
noise on SCK pin. Or something else...


int pin_cs = 8;
int pin_sck = 13;
int pin_rdy = 9;
int pin_mosi = 12;
int pin_miso = 11;

// Other experimental variant:
int pin_cs = 0;
int pin_sck = 7;
int pin_rdy = 1;
int pin_mosi = 5;
int pin_miso = 6;

// The setup() method runs once, when the sketch starts

void setup()   {                
 // initialize the digital pins used for the MicroVGA
 pinMode(pin_cs, OUTPUT);    
 pinMode(pin_sck, OUTPUT);    
 pinMode(pin_mosi, OUTPUT);    
 pinMode(pin_miso, INPUT);    

// the loop() method runs over and over again,
// as long as the Arduino has power

void loop()                    
 int i;
 digitalWrite(pin_cs, LOW);
 // wait for a second
 // this is required to make sure the MicroVGA is idle
 // normally there would be loop, but to keep this
 // sketch simple, we have replaced it with delay

 // now output 8 bits using software SPI  
 for (i=0;i<8;i++) {
   digitalWrite(pin_mosi, i&1 ? LOW : HIGH);
   delay(10);                  // wait for a while
   digitalWrite(pin_sck, LOW);
   delay(10);                  // wait for a while
   digitalWrite(pin_sck, HIGH);
   delay(10);                  // wait for a while
   digitalWrite(pin_sck, LOW);

Having since tried this software SPI code, uVGA does work, but the library doesn't still


Same problem here. The software SPI test works but the library code doesn't. I'm going to debug this over the coming week if I get time, this has to work  ::)


Hi Dach,

Please take a look at my earlier post on this subject

there is an error in the original .c file

let me know how it goes, both demo's work fine for me now and i've found uVGA to be very usefull


excellent, yes that's working great. Thanks for saving me the debugging time  :-)

Now I can start having fun with this thing.


For those who are interested, I added a version for the Arduino Mega at:

It works fine for me now.
Feel free to change if needed.

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