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Just having some small confusion, about how to turn an LED on with one button press and when you press the button again; turns the led off.

Instead of lighting up when held down. Surely it's something very simple!

Sorry for the extremely basic question!


Do a search for "debouncing button" to get on your way.


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Thank you very very much!! :)


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This sketch is maybe want you want, every time you push a button a LED wil turn on, and next time you push itthe LED will turn off.

There is no debouncing , and there should be


int vent=100;
const int buttonPin = 7;
int flag=0;
int buttonState = 0;   

void setup()

 pinMode(4, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(5, OUTPUT);
   pinMode(buttonPin, INPUT);

void loop()

 //   digitalWrite(4, HIGH);

buttonState = digitalRead(buttonPin);


   if (buttonState==HIGH){
     if (flag==1) {

 if (flag==1){
   digitalWrite(4, HIGH);

 if (flag==0){

 digitalWrite(4, LOW);


I wrote it in an easy way..
Hope this helps you.. :)

Code: [Select]
int button_pin = 11;
int led_pin = 13;
int button_state = 0;
int led_state = LOW;

void setup(){
  pinMode(button_pin, INPUT);
  pinMode(led_pin, OUTPUT);

void loop(){
  if(button_state == HIGH){
    led_state = !led_state;
    digitalWrite(13, led_state);


Cheers for the response, really good looking code, but couldn't get the LED to come on!


I wrote it in an easy way..
Hope this helps you.. :)

Enjoy your rapidly blinking LED. That will, as long as the button is pressed, toggle the LED every 100ms.

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