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-40C = -40F, that's pretty cold!

However -40C is still a pretty toasty +419.67 degrees on the rankine scale.



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The ATMega328P is rated over a pretty broad range. How cold are you likely to see?

Temperature Range:
-40°C to 85°C

-40C = -40F, that's pretty cold!

Hi Crossroads

-30C for several days or more is not uncommon in the Calgary area.  Thats base temperature, wind chill can take it considerably lower.  Like to be believe it is a dry cold so not as chilling as a damp Toronto or Boston cold.

I am orignally from Toronto, and have visited Boston often for work and my hobby.  Too bad about Edaville a two foot railroad park, about an hour south of Boston did not survive.   People would know the area as Ocean Spray, the cranberry people.

The good news, is for my project, when it is getting that cold, I will be firing up the electronics to keep the 120V pond heater running at 100%, so I will be receiving some secondary heat from the heater circuitry to keep the enclosure warm.

Regards  Bill
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MCUs don't care about windchil thankfully, they aren't well enough hydrated :D

Me on the other hand...

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