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Hi All,

I have been really interested in getting a project up and running using the Chatduino example from rapplogic :


I have an Uno and a Wiznet 812MJ. I have been able to get both up and running with several of the example ethernet sketches. However I am having issues with the Chatduino sketch. I have figured out that the compiling error goes away when,  #include <SPI.h> is inserted into the sketch. However I am having issues establishing a connection and continue to get connection fail/lost connection error.

The rapplogic site says that the IP address for the AIM toc server may change however have pinged the toc.oscar.aol.com server at and it seems to respond, however I can't get a connection.

Does anyone know if the chatduino sketch is still feasible? I haven't seen many comments or about chatduino since 2009 and I am wondering if AIM had stopped supporting Chatduino in recent years.

Is anyone out there still running chatduino? Does anyone have any hints on how to establish a connection?

Or is there another chat client for the arduino out there?

Thanks to everyone for taking the time to read this. Any help to get this up and running would be greatly appreciated.


Probably the protocol has changed a bit. Also have a look at this:


Seems something has changed.

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