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Thanks for this. Will be a very useful workbench reference.
Well, if your memory is like mine it will   ::)


This is now my desktop wallpaper.  Thanks :D



That is a great help. Just printed one off. THANK YOU.

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Excellent work - the pin-mapping page is probably my most visited page on the Arduino website - I probably should have thought of printing it out :-)

Can I make a few suggestions based on my own forgetfulness, seeing as how you have some spare space?

I'd like to see the basic structures for for(), if(), else(), while() listed - i know this is basic stuff for people with even a little c++ experience, but I came from a language that used different delimiters (I still can't remember if arduino uses ; or , ).

The format for arrays would be useful - I always stuff up the use of [] and {}

Another thing might be the limits of each data field type, like the range that an int, long, unsigned long etc can be.

Again nice work, you have a future in the infographics field!


damn. i feel noob. i haven't flushed my serial until now :)


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This is a great sheet, for n00bs and pros alike; I grabbed a copy as soon as I saw it first posted. I do have a couple of suggestions:

1. Post your source files; post it as a ZIP (or if done in photoshop or something, a PSD or whatnot) - put it in the playground, it would allow others to edit/update it.

2. Darken (or remove, and put somewhere else?) the logo on top of the chip; or change the pin number color - pin 23 blends in (a couple of the other pins, 20 & 21, have a similar, but not as bad issue).

3. Where is says "ATMega168 Pin Mapping" put "ATMega8/168/328 Pin Mapping" - small, but useful detail.

4. Increase the resolution of the image (make it huge, or make it vector based, something).

It looks great otherwise; I think with other people's suggestions implemented where you have room, it will turn out to be one awesome sheet (it already pretty much is!)...

I will not respond to Arduino help PM's from random forum users; if you have such a question, start a new topic thread.



Needs LCD function defs....


or ethernet. or xbee. or motorstepper. or waveshield. or (insert text here)

Hehe. I like it the way it is.


Put 'em on the "flip side".



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