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I have an idea of a gadget that would be useful to me and maybe a dozen other peoples here:
A PCB for bootloading/programming ATMEGA328 chips. I want to put a zif socket on it but I don't know if that is a good idea. I have a zif socket and the pins are flat and wide and they rock a bit when you lock/unlock the socket. I don't know if a socket like this can be soldered to a pcb. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Here is the part I'm using:


Jack Christensen

MCP79411/12 RTC ... "One Million Ohms" ATtiny kit ... available at http://www.tindie.com/stores/JChristensen/



Necessity is the mother on invention: Here is how I adapted a ZIP to a small basic PCB and rubber banded to the USBtiny programmer. Works great.



What was the PCB?
I also just realized I could use a couple rows of female headers to prop up the socket so it may be soldered on an RBBB.

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