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Hey! I also need the "Old Style" applet folder in the project root.
I use a simulator and copying the files every time is very annoying.
By the way, as someone already wrote, why not add a parameter in config file? It would make all people happy.
Was that so complicated to do? I don't believe watching the GREAT job you did.


I use a simulator...

what simulator are you using?

There are a couple of google hits for Arduino simulator but nothing that appears to be  active and nothing that seems complete.

I don't want to hijack this thread, perhaps you can say more about Arduino simulators in this thread:



I will reply you in the thread you suggested.  :)


Really, get back the old applet folder , finding the tmp folder where the ide has put the .hex file is a royal Pain ....
thank a lot for Arduino , the best thing after bread and nutella.


Maybe everybody would be happy with an option to choose this folder as needed.
I do agree to the "nutella-statement"  :)


Since version 0018 I have noticed that strtok does not work. Any reason why?


Please, let us have the "applet" directory back again...


Let's move the "applet" discussion to here: http://www.arduino.cc/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1268011960


I don't care about the hex file.

What is the point about using Arduino/Arduino IDE without using the bootloader. It is like asking Visual Studio to let you do the final linking process of the executable.

However, it matter of just of opening %temp% from start menu


How about that Jessa - today has been a VERY good day.  I've learned several things - %temp% being one of them.  I did not know you could use %temp% from the run option.  That is less hassle than drilling down every time.

build.path=applet to the preferences.txt file is still less hassle - if it just didn't get over-wrote each time we'd have it made.

Ken H.



i use the GPRS shield from Libelium. There was an hint that is isnt working with 0017.
With 0018 it inst working too. With 0016 all works fine.
How can i go back to 0016 on Linux ? :-/




downloading right now


And for those who experience delays opening the "Tools" menu or when the ide starts in Windows: http://erwin.ried.cl/files/articles/arduino_bluetooth_001/rxtxSerial-2.2_fixed_2...


Thanks a lot for that fix! - I was going insane over this.

Now I just need to find the same fix for processing...

best regards


Cool, finally there's a tarball for 64-bit Linux :).

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