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I have just downloaded v18 of the IDE for MAC. and mounted the dmg file. I can run the environment but all the sub folders seem to be missing.
I had a trawl through my HDD with spotlight but can only find the older v16 folders.
Anyone else here seen this?

thanks Peter B. :




Ok thanks - so now I have the arduino-0018.dmg file in my applications folder.
My options seem to be limited to open the file with the diskimage mounter.app, but I think you said don't  do that.

Don't run the DMG file

So where to now.
If I do let the diskimage mounter run then I end up with the arduino.app which does run but still no sub folders for libraries, examples etc.
Clearly I am doing something wrong here or neglecting to do something right. I did manage to get v11, v13, & v16 all setup without any issues.
Is there something different with v18 ?

Peter B.



I don't have a Mac (just happen to know that you can't run the IDE from the DMG file).

What about the link with the Mac install instructions I posted?
Doesn't that work for you?



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The link you provided tells you to download the MAC OSX file and then install the USB drivers.

Copy the Arduino application into the Applications folder (or elsewhere on your computer).

This works fine but I still only end up with the Arduino.app file and no subfolders.

If you can't run from the DMG (disk image) file then how do you get the new IDE?

Thanks for your patience with this, its driving me a bit crazy...


Peter B.


Create a new topic "How do I install Arduino 0018 on  Mac OS" in the "Frequently Asked Questions" section to attract  some Mac users to your problem.

(or google the question?)



Peter_B: everything is inside the .app.  


Yes, to see inside the package, Control-click it and select 'Show Package Contents' and then click down into it.  

Dr. David Harris
OpenLCB Dev Team


Please, return the possibility to create applet folder like in version 0017. May be in preferences. I see  at least two reasons for it:

1. Sure, that  more than 1% of users are with brains and want to keep .hex and .elf files with sketch for future investigations or just using without necessity of every time compiling /uploading to get files again.

2. In Windows - temp folder  like build1755132727304913499.tmp are usually in directory C:\Documents and Settings\...\Local Settings\Temp, which is usually hidden. So it is necessary to keep Hidden files opened, which is not very smart idea.

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