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tom needer

I stumbled upon this cool project from a site I have visited for a couple years now? Basically a arduino plugged into a giant shield and Ethernet shield as well. Sounds like a good idea and I know other environmental monitors cost $500-700 like the ones from ITwatchdogs.com. Has anyone played with these yet?


Never heard of it.  Got a link?

I've kicked the idea around, but haven't implemented anything yet.



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Wow... that's  a super idea. ¬†Well implemented.

Christopher Singleton

An interesting product . . . but a very strange form factor requiring a very long custom enclosure.

I like the idea of a pair of Arduinos, but find it odd that one of them is upside down. I'd also have preferred that some of the outboard connectors were on a second board that could be stacked in some way with standoffs so as to create a more compact form factor.

I hope some list members try it out and leave some solid feedback here on the forum about the product (aka I'll let someone else play guinea pig on this one)

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