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Hey all  :)

I'm currently working on a new Arduino shield - & I thought I'd share a preview video with everyone on the Arduino forums:


The shield is a programmable digital synthesizer, with many great features - It's called the Ronin 802

The Ronin 802 shield can be stacked and multiple shields can be controlled by a single Arduino.
It is a very flexible platform for building electronic musical instruments.

More information on this project (including schematics and code) will be available soon.





Hi Jim
Great sounding synth and great video. Looking forward to see seeing the finished circuits posted :)

You'll have to bring it along to the Maker Space @ Newcastle open session for a show (or should that be synth) and tell :)


Hey Arduino fans!


Just a quick update to let you know that the Ronin 802 synthesizer shield is now available to buy!
For more information on the project, please visit the website: http://roninsynth.com

It's available for worldwide purchase here: http://www.roninsynth.com/?page_id=359

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