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The front-end that you made looks really nice and is something that I would really benefit from using. Since I'm fairly new at programming for Arduino and it's the first time that I have used pde files then it would be nice to have some more instructions on how to run the program. As far as I can see the front-end is written I java and should be run separately from the terminal (is this correct?). Should I add code similar to the code in the example to my project so that is sends out specific info on the serial buss?

Your help is much appreciated.  


Flotec:  the program was designed in a java language known as processing.  it can be downloaded here: http://processing.org/
you are correct.  it is run separate from the arduino terminal.  if you want to interface your arduino sketch with this program, use the comm code in sample arduino sketch, included in the download.

general:  I made a mistake.  in an effort to clean the code a little before sending it out, I wound up crippling the program.  whoops.  many of you have already figured this out I'm sure, but AxisFont & TitleFont, while being declared in the correct place, cannot be initialized there.  the initialization has to occur in void setup().
a fixed version has been put up here: http://arduino-pid-library.googlecode.com/files/PID_FrondEnd_v02-fixed.zip

sorry for the mess-up.



Okey, I think I need the "dummies guide" for this. What you are saying is that I should add the printouts that can be seen in the example program to my own program. Run the program on the Aruino board and then run the Front-End from the terminal. How do I run the program? I'm not that familiar with the pde format. Should I compile it with the normal java compiler (javac)?

And is it only the SerialSend and SerialRecieve functions that I need to add (including calls to them at loop)?

Thanks for all your help.
Regards Flotec


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sorry for the confusion.  the front-end is written in a program completely separate from the arduino IDE.  so after you load your arduino code to the board, the arduino IDE can be completely shut down.

to run the frontend, you need a completely different development environment, which you can download here: http://processing.org/download/

after downloading and running this program (known as "processing")  you can use it to open, edit, and run the FrontEnd pde file.

As far as what you need to add to your Arduino program, I'm unfamiliar with your particular needs, so I don't know exactly which portion of the arduino sample program you're going to need.  I'd say for starters, load the full arduino sample onto your Arduino and get it talking with the front end.  once that's working you can build from there.


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