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Many of you are already aware of Amarino, a toolkit which eases the communication between an Android powered phone and an Arduino via Bluetooth.

Amarino 2.0 has just been released with many new features and most important, is is now Android 2.x and backward compatible. plus it supports controlling several Arduinos in parallel.

more detail on Amarino's website



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What do you mean by that.

Amarino is a project used by many Arduino users. It was already menioned in this forum here and people are happy to have an easy way to interact with a phone from their Arduino. And it is an open-source project.

Why should this be wrong?


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Oh I am truly sorry, there was just some spam going round about android stuff yesterday.

I did not really read the post  :(

After a quick look, it does look like a good piece of software  ;)
You may also want to go back and edit your first post to make it a link now that you have posted once :)



Good job Bonifaz!
I'm going to try it with my N1 :)

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