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friends my problem is somewhat different..
i have an arduino with firmata that sends some serial data on to a laptop at a small solar experimental setup..The laptop let us say is laptop1 displays it on the screen on a processing based GUI using arduino library..
But i even want the data to be displayed on another laptop say laptop2 using a wireless adhoc network.

How is this possible..?
Plz Reply ASAP..


I wouldn't make the problem more complicated unless you absolutely need to.

Could you leave the setup with laptop1 unchanged and just install a VNC server on it, then watch it from laptop2 with a VNC client?

As far as the wireless ad hoc network goes, that's not too hard but it will depend on the OS.



If you add a XBee and shield to the Arduino, and data that the Arduino pus on the serial port will also be transmitted over the air by the XBee. Anything that the XBee receives over the air will be put on the serial port, just as though it came from the PC.

So, add an XBee and shield to the Arduino, and an XBee and USB Explorer to the second PC. Anything sent to the first PC will also be sent to the 2nd PC.

It is possible to have each PC send ID information along with data, so that the Arduino knows whether data came from PC 1 or PC 2, if PC 2 will be sending data, too, and if it is important to know which PC the data came from.
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